The Hunt for the Legendary Potion

5 months later, Pvp_d4v1d  was dancing “just dance”, then Peter  yell,”help!”Pvp_d4v1d ask, “ok, in what?”. Peter said,”In the legendary potion”.

“We have to take it before Herobrine and x-ray gets it.”, Peter and Pvp_d4v1d were going to the witch house.

Herobrine and x-ray were there! Pvp_d4v1d placed a button on the floor to distract x-ray and when x-ray touched the button didn’t do anything. X-ray was mad.

Pvp_d4v1d said,” who is the killer in the  witch house?”Pvp_d4v1d pushed x-ray into lava, then Pvp_d4v1d said, “hope you have fun x-ray!” x-ray dropped an ender pearl,  Pvp_d4v1d picked up the ender pearl and teleported to the legendary potion to escape from the fight and take the legendary potion.

The witch said,”what is all this ruckus? have you three fought? Pvp_d4v1d said,”No” after pvp_d4v1d drank the legendary potion finally Pvp_d4v1d flew away to the sky and said,”I am going nowhere”