The Hunt for Friends

Peter was a boy who lived in an unknown forest. He did not have too many friends but wanted to meet more. So, he decided to explore the area to make new ones.



He walked south of where he lived, and it led him to a river. He looked left, then right, but did not see anyone in sight. Peter decided to walk along the river in hopes of finding a friend to play with.

After walking for some time, lo and behold! – he found two piggy wigs.

He approached one of the pigs and said, “Hi there! Do you want to be my friend?” The piggy wig just stared at him and did not answer.

Disappointed, Peter continued walking in hopes of finding a new friend. “I hope I find someone out in this part of the world!” he muttered, releasing a sigh of disappointment.


Suddenly, he saw the entrance of a dark and spooky cave and decided to explore it as well.

“H-h-hello? Anyone in here?” he asked, shivering head to toe. All that Peter heard back in return was the sound of his echo. Once again, he was left disappointed because he did not make any new friends.

And so, Peter decided to try one last time. He left the cave and continued down the river.



He finally came across an empty field. In the distance, there was a house.


Peter got excited and decided to run towards it! He ran across the sand, hot as the sun, and eventually ended up at the front door of the mansion.

Knock Knock Knock

Out from the garden appeared a boy and his friends. “Hi there, can we help you?”, the boy asked.

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“Yes, hi! My name is Peter; do you want to be my friend?” Peter asked.

“Sure! My name is John” He said as he shook Peter’s hand. “You are lucky! We are playing soccer in the backyard right now! Come in!”

“Hey everyone, this is Peter!”, he told his friends. At last, Peter found a new group of friends and played for hours with them.