The Hunt for Diamonds

Peter and his friend Reuben were playing near a mountain when they found a cave.“Let’s hunt for diamonds!” Peter told the pig.

The little pig nodded his head. Peter was excited: “Maybe we’ll find a cave full of diamonds!” So Peter picked up his iron pickaxe and started to mine. After a few hours, they had made a big hole.

Soon, they found some a lot of Diamond Ore blocks. Peter and Reuben were very happy!

Peter put some in his bag. “I’m going to make a party tonight in my house.” Reuben nodded his head. “I will share my diamonds with all my friends.”

They kept looking for more diamonds but after a while, Peter said.

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“We couldn’t find any more diamond. Let’s go home”

At home, Peter invited all his zombie friends and some skeletons and they had a great time.  He shared some of his diamonds with them for sure!