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Zombie attack

Characters: Logan, Steve, Sarah, Zombie Killker (main leader), Alex, Other Zombies SCENE 1: Zombies in CANADA Logan: What a nice … (Looking surprised) Oh my god! How many zombies are there?

The Hunt for Mobs

Once upon a time, 10 years ago, somebody called Steve saw a mountain.

The Hunt for Friends

Peter was a boy who lived in an unknown forest. He did not have too many friends but wanted to meet more. So, he decided to explore the area to make new ones.   THE RIVER He walked south of where he lived, and it led him to a river. He looked left, then right,… Read more »

The Hunt for Diamonds

Peter and his friend Reuben were playing near a mountain when they found a cave.“Let’s hunt for diamonds!” Peter told the pig. The little pig nodded his head. Peter was excited: “Maybe we’ll find a cave full of diamonds!” So Peter picked up his iron pickaxe and started to mine. After a few hours, they had made… Read more »